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We hold a number of patents for sanitary and convenient 'Inner Seal' through R&D and are recognized as the best in the field of 'inner seal' which is unique in Korea, in order to emphasize the prevention and freshness of products such as food and pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the prevention of deterioration of product quality, the site of food corruption, and the premium of products.

Based on the sealing technology that enabled the establishment of a joint global network, we are working with our parent company, Yeongcheon Seal Tech, to achieve management innovation. Currently, Seal&Pack has made inroads into Europe, South Africa, the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, and other countries to achieve quality recognition and remarkable results. We will continue to strive to expand our routes and strive to become one of the best sealing companies in the world by pursuing Future Manage through managerial innovation.






Single Safer

secure Sealing and peelable Lining Material.

Dual Safer

A Foil Innerseal Liner with Tamper Evidence Properties.

Ring Peel Liner

New Innovative Induction Liner with Easy of use and promotional logo

Easy Tab Liner

Easy Tab Provides ease of opening with grip tab.

Wax Free Liner

Mainly use for Dry powder like Coffee or tablet contents.

Lid Seal Liner

Easy of use with promotional logo


Non - Induction Liner with easy of use with promotional logo


Easy of use with Promotional Logo.

Pressure Sesintive

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