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Induction Liner

One of most effective sealing methods for plastic, glass, and other specific containers is realized by induction heat sealing which inducts heat into the foil in the liner: The capped bottle enters through the electromagnetic current and the foil of the inner-seal generates electrical resistance heating the foil. The heated foil melts seal layer(polymer) to creat obvious sealing on the top of the container

Single Safer

This one-piece induction heat seal liner suits for flip or nozzle type cap closures with easily peelable materials. This liner may be applicable for food, pharmaceuticals, oil, cosmetics and chemicals with tamper-evident and leak-proof. Available your own logo on the liner.

Secure sealing and peelable lining material

Dual Safer

Dual Safer is two piece wax laminated induction lining materials which are easy to use and simply inserted having no need to make changes of cap designs.

Dual Safer liners consist of aluminum foil seal and board re-seal in the cap which is divided by was separation to provide a consistent protection from leaking and contamination.

A foil innerseal with tamper evidence properties

Lid Seal Liner

Sealed by heat and pressure for various kinds of plastic or paper containers. It is specified for a wide range of usage and able to print any kind of customer own logo on the surface. Sheet and roll formation packing are available.

Easy of use with promotional logo with embos

Wax Free Liner

Wax free liner material consists of an aluminum foil/glassine membrane, polymer laminated to either a pulp board or an expanded polyethylene backing material. The polymer lamination eliminates the use of wax, ensuring the liner is more stable over a far wider temperature range. The materials separate to leave a clean attractive foil on the container and a secondary reseal liner or wad in the cap, ensuring no risk of debris contamination of the product.

Best choice of coffee


Placing on the closure or backing at the liner to prevent a leaker or contamination.

Singe and both side film-coated foam are provided as per customer needs.

Easy of use with promotional logo

Pressure Sensitive Liner

The liner is sealed with specially formulated pressure-activated adhesive. Providing consumer ease of use, it is developed at room temperature by pressure only and available with custom or standard printing. The sealability of this product os related to the surrounding temperature, application torque, and the age of the product especially when the pressure-sensitive adhesive coating is exposed to air and light. Prospective users are urged to test for their specific application before use.

Easy of use with promotional logo

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